Yoga can save your back health

Yoga can save your back health

A man is healthy as long as his back is healthy, so the wise Japanese used to say.

Unfortunately, we don’t think about this part of the body very often, or, rather, only when something hurts.

Chances are, you’ve heard more than once about the spinal column.

And if you haven’t, right from this point on, start perceiving your back that way.

The spinal structure acts as a pillar that keeps our bodies from succumbing to gravity and breaking all our lives.

Therefore, in order for our internal rod to not wear out one hundred percent and be able to function as it should.

In addition to simple activity, we need to additionally strengthen and stretch it – yoga can help with that.



To begin with, it’s necessary to start all internal processes, to stretch, to pump up the lymph and the blood circulation, so the body is ready to work.

Try to perform this warm-up in cycles, because it is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and flexibility.

The main thing is to listen to your body: you should not feel pain or discomfort.

For this purpose, try different variations of the positions.

For example, if you have not mastered push-ups yet, lie on your stomach or on the floor completely, or use your knees.

The second option is more “simple”: resorting to it all the time, you will never learn to do push-ups, so it’s best to use the first one.

And if in the “dog face down” position you cannot straighten your knees completely, that’s also okay – bend them slightly, but at the same time strive for tension under the joint.

Example picture above.

Strengthening the muscles of the back

Strengthening the muscles of the back

After a good warm up of the whole structure, you can begin to point strengthening the back.

The exercise below will help in stimulating the foundation of the muscles that hold your spinal column together.

The most important thing in the process is to keep your neck tight and your head down.

Let the top of your head stretch forward and your forehead look to the floor.

Try to tuck your buttocks in the up position, and as you come down, relax every cell of your body.

The transition from tension to relaxation is a major factor in healthy body function.

 Plow Pose.

Plow Pose

Halasana, or many people’s favorite plow pose, is one of the most beneficial positions for our back.

It is the most unloading and can serve as a good rest and recovery not only after a hard day’s work, but also after any physical activity.

Significant: do not shift the whole body weight on the cervical spine.

Your feet will help you in this – point your heels back behind your head.

If it is unpleasant pulling under the knees, just bend them a little, but do not stop stretching.

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Super Carnosine 500 mg - 60 Capsules Yeast Free by Life Extension

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