Test for nicotine addiction in 2022

Test for nicotine addiction in 2022

A special test will help you evaluate your nicotine addiction.

Just answer the questions and count the points!


  1. How soon after you wake up do you smoke one cigarette?
    1. in the first 5 min (3 points).
    2. during 6-30 min (2 points).
    3. 30 min – 60 min (1 point).
    4. over 60 min (0 point).
  2. Is it difficult for you to not smoke in places where smoking is prohibited?
    1. yes (1 point).
    2. no (0 point).
  3. What cigarette can’t you give up easily?
    1. Can’t pass up the first one in the morning (1 point).
    2. all others (0 point).
  4. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
    1. 10 or less (0 point).
    2. 11-12 (1 point).
    3. 21-30 (2 points).
    4. 31 or more (3 points).
  5. Do you smoke more often in the first hours of the morning, after you wake up, or throughout the day?
    1. yes (1 point).
    2. no (0 point).
  6. Do you smoke if you are very sick and stay in bed all day?
    1. yes (1 point).
    2. no (0 point).

Adding up the scores:

  1. (0-2 points) – I have a very weak addiction. I can handle it!
  2. (3-4 points) – I have a weak addiction. I can quit smoking!
  3. (5 points) – I have an average addiction. I need to think!
  4. (6-7 points) – My addiction is high. I need to quit smoking.
  5. (8-10 points) – I have a very high addiction! It’s urgent to quit smoking!
Test to see how ready you are to quit smoking

Test to see how ready you are to quit smoking.

You have quit smoking.

Find out if you are ready to quit smoking.


  1. Would you quit smoking if it was easy?
    1. Definitely not. (0 points);
    2. Most likely not. (1point);
    3. Probably yes. (2 points);
    4. Most likely, yes. (3 points);
    5. Definitely yes. (4 points);
  2. How badly do you want to quit smoking?
    1. Don’t want to at all (0 points) ;
    2. Weak desire (1point);
    3. Medium desire (2 points);
    4. Strong desire (3 points);
    5. Definitely want to quit smoking (4 points).


  1. If the sum of points is 6 or more.

    You are completely ready to quit smoking.

    My recommendations below will help you do that.
  2. If the sum of the points is 4-6.

    You are moderately motivated to quit smoking.

    My recommendations will help you quit smoking easily without extra motivation.
  3. If the sum of your points is less than 3.

    You have no motivation to quit smoking at all.

    But if you want to quit smoking, read below.
Quit Smoking in 10 Days

Quit Smoking in 10 Days

There is a special program that has been tested even on people with over 10 years of smoking.

If you have been trying to quit smoking for a long time and nothing works for you.

This program is for you.

The whole program takes 10 days. It will take you no more than 30 minutes each day.

If you want to stop funding the smoking cessation companies and follow a guaranteed-to-work program, then you’ll love the Quit Smoking in 10 Days program.

Over the past few years, I’ve brought together smoking cessation and health experts, to develop the most efficient, cost-effective and most importantly – suits anyone who wants to quit smoking for life.

It’s not another CD, hypnosis session, or a book that promises to change your life with some unrealistic numbers.

It is a complete program that we created to ensure you can enjoy a smoke-free and healthy way of living for the rest of your life.

Smoking cessation companies keep selling us the “magic formulas” to quit smoking for hundreds, and sometimes, thousands of dollars for a session.

They give us gums, pills, patches, and some other “magic quick fix”, then they promise a 98% quit rate.

Unfortunately, this is not even close to being the truth. Take a look at the stats:

According to a 2020 survey of the FDA, about 55% of adult smokers in the United

States had attempted to quit in the past year, and only 7% were successful in quitting for 6-12 months.

In other words, many smokers wouldn’t even succeed at quitting smoking, and among the ones who would, the majority would relapse.

If you’re really ready to act right now, there’s a special offer for you.

Click here.

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