Why melatonin is so important for man in the 21st century

Why melatonin is so important for man in the 21st century

Melatonin is a hormone that the body needs to regulate sleep.

It triggers the process of falling asleep.

Man begins to produce it when he is in darkness and ceases to produce it when he is lighter, a basic mechanism of circadian rhythms.

What can melatonin do to your body?

What can melatonin do to your body?

With the intake of melatonin pills, sleep is taken to a rapid stage, when pictures related to the emotional experiences of the day are scrolled in our memory.

Melatonin preparations can not only adjust the quality of sleep.

Melatonin makes up for the chronic lack of healthy sleep – and all of its attendant effects in the form of well-being.

Restore the organs and systems, the prevention of many diseases.

You could say melatonin is when you take a sleep pill.

Today there is already convincing data to recommend melatonin for the treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension, and peptic ulcer disease.

Is melatonin for sleep safe?

Is melatonin for sleep safe?

Melatonin fights insomnia, improves sleep quality, and helps our bodies adapt when we change time zones.

When we have a disturbed regimen that is associated with a “nighttime” lifestyle, the body does not produce enough melatonin.

The credit that we take from our body when we are awake at night, provokes a decrease in immune defense, metabolic disorders, increased concentration of another hormone – cortisol.

A course of melatonin in supplements makes it possible to equalize the natural production of the hormone of the night.

Thereby improve not only the quality of sleep, but also the general state of health.

Melatonin is not harmful to health, even if you exceed the dosage per day.

But depending on the individual characteristics of the body sometimes happens: headache, allergic reactions and morning sleepiness.

There are also contraindications: Pregnancy and lactation

Does melatonin make you sleepy?

Does melatonin make you sleepy?

Melatonin is a night hormone, not a sleep hormone.

And it has an extremely low sleeping effect.

The transition to sleep is not caused by melatonin per se – it simply triggers many biochemical processes in the human body.

Which lead to falling asleep.

When it gets light in the morning, the concentration of melatonin drops and the body wakes up.

Therefore, sleep disorders and impaired melatonin production are often found in people.

Who has to work in the dark or spend a lot of time in front of glowing screens.

In addition, melatonin levels are typically low in the elderly and people who live in regions where there is almost no nighttime.

How much melatonin should I take for sleep?

How much melatonin should I take for sleep?

Most experts recommend no more than five milligrams per day, but recommendations can be individualized.

It is possible to purchase 10-milligram melatonin supplements.

But in this case, it is a good idea to consult a doctor before using it.

It should be noted that there is no standard recommended dose of melatonin, because people react differently to its intake.

For sleep problems, a dose of 3 mg should help you sleep well without daytime fatigue or irritability.

Too much melatonin can disrupt your sleep cycle, so start with 3 mg and increase as needed.

The dosage is also listed in the instructions, please follow them

The best melatonin you should start consuming

The best melatonin you should start consuming

The best supplement of its kind is a supplement from Life Extension called Melatonin IR/XR.

Melatonin IR/XR helps you fall asleep and stay asleep all night long by combining immediate-release and extended-release melatonin for approximately seven hours of healthy sleep support.

Each Melatonin IR/XR capsule contains 1.5 mg of MicroActive® Melatonin, a unique blend of immediate-release and extended-release melatonin

Taking Melatonin IR/XR about 30 minutes before bedtime helps you fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night.

Just one capsule of IR/XR melatonin provides about seven hours of continuous sleep support, so you sleep through the night.

A lack of quality, restful sleep can affect cognitive health, metabolic health and more.

Melatonin IR/XR is the perfect sleep support supplement for those who have already tried melatonin, but still have trouble falling asleep or sleeping.

Start taking Melatonin IR/XR and you, and your loved ones, will always have a healthy night’s sleep.

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