intellectual health

Intellectual health

Intellectual health in 2024

Intellectual health is a desire to learn, to improve your skills, and a readiness for continuing education.

It is also the ability to open your mind to new ideas and experiences that will help improve yourself and your skills.

The main thing to understand is that there is such a thing as intellectual garbage.

To help you distinguish between intellectual garbage and intellectual health, I will give you a simple recommendation.

Intellectual garbage is such information that is completely useless for you, takes time, and causes negative emotions.

An example of Intellectual Garbage.

Details of other people’s lives, negative, and the usual news as useless.

As well as all sorts of soap operas.

To make it easy to recognize Intellectual Trash, you have to ask yourself.

How will this information, this knowledge helps me? Is it useful to me?

If the answers to these questions are negative, then this information is not only unnecessary but even harmful.

 What is poor intellectual health

What is poor intellectual health

Poor intellectual health is when a person does not developmentally in any way.

He is always busy watching TV shows and playing video games all the time.

If a person doesn’t engage in mental development, the brain degenerates, and ages very quickly.

You can notice in older people if they have not engaged in brain development.

They eventually began to forget some things, and it also contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The brain needs to be stressed, to invent yourself an environment that encourages you to develop, to learn new things, to keep up so that the brain is interested in working.

Otherwise, it will want to conserve energy and begin to degenerate.

Reading your favorite newspapers (authors), working in a familiar profession, using your native language and communicating with friends who understand you well, going to your favorite restaurant, watching your favorite TV series… – all this, so beloved by all of us, leads to brain degradation.

How you can improve your intellectual health

How you can improve your intellectual health

Intellectual health is primarily about:

  1. Stimulating intellectual development.
  2. Taking part in intellectual and cultural activities.
  3. Finding new ideas and developing my intellect.
  4. The ability to set and achieve realistic goals, both professionally and personally.
  5. Ability to take advantage of opportunities that various circumstances may offer.
  6. The ability to establish a body-mind relationship.
  7. The ability to critically and self-critically evaluate a situation while achieving a goal.
  8. Ability to intellectual synthesis, to originality of thinking.

Until relatively recently, it was believed that man has two types of intellect: mathematical (logical) and verbal.

However, thanks to new discoveries, we know that there are many types of intellect.

Many well-known Western experts believe, for example, that our success, luck, and health depend on the development of at least 16 differently directed types of intellect.

Sensory intelligence includes the development of sensations, perceptions, memories.

Intuitive intelligence – extraordinary solutions to complex problems, the ability to explore problems more deeply.

Logical – the ability to operate with numbers, step-by-step problem-solving, the ability to make a plan.

Verbal – the ability to read and write, to process and create new information, memory, the ability to have a conversation, to express an opinion on a necessary topic, vocabulary, oratorical abilities.

Spatial – proper coordination of movements, different spatial actions, eyesight, sense of time.

Personal – ability to control oneself, realize-analyze-action, style of behavior, ability to realize success, persistence, patience, etc.

Psychophysical – connection of mind and body, self-esteem, body language.

Social – the ability to create a mood, the ability to establish contacts with people.

Technical – effective use of modern technology, technical information culture, computer literacy.

Visual – quick perception of ideas and texts, ability to recall information, ability to notice visible features in detail, imagination, the concentration of visual attention in a complex environment.

Creative – work of both hemispheres of the brain, use of all mental skills, lack of inertia, generation of fresh ideas.

To improve your intellectual health, you need to spend more time studying, reading useful books.

Solve more different logical problems.

Also, train your memory, always learn something new, a poem for example.

Start to learn foreign languages, it is probably one of the best ways to improve mental health.

Another way is to learn to play a musical instrument, no matter what age you are.

Don’t forget about proper and healthy sleep, your brain and body need to rest.

And don’t forget about your physical health, do sports.

Don’t spare any time to develop your abilities and diverse individual intellectual potential.

This whole resource of healthy experience is very active.

It will come in handy in any professional or other activity.

In the “intellectual age, even technical means have intelligence, so man, as a product of the multi-billion evolution of life on the planet, should certainly master his “intellectual properties” and have excellent “intellectual health.

 Ignite Your Inner Power

Ignite Your Inner Power

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