5 exercises you can do in your office chair

5 exercises you can do in your office chair

8 hours in a sitting position ─ a test for the body and spirit.

We tell you how you can warm up the leaders of mental labor without leaving your desktop.

It is enough to sit in one place in a static position for more than two or three hours – and the spine will begin to deform.

From sitting for a long time, the ligaments and joints lose their elasticity, while increasing the risk of injury during an unsuccessful movement.

You should always remember the simple truth: movement is life.

Office workers are better off not forgetting this and doing simple exercises up to five times a day.

They will not take much time, but will help maintain tone.

1. Head nods

Head nods

The most inconspicuous exercise ─ knead the muscles of the neck.

Exercises must be done standing up so that the spine is even.

First of all, turn your head to the left, and then to the right.

After such a short warm-up, perform circular movements with your head 7-10 times.

At the very beginning, try to lower your head down, and then tilt it back.

Perform exercises clockwise and against it.

2. Half squat

Half squat

Squats have a beneficial effect on the hip joints. Of course, office clothes do not allow you to fully squat, especially when it comes to a skirt.

However, squats can be low-amplitude, small. At the same time, the elbows should look to the sides, and the hands should be at chest level.

Do 10 squats to get stagnant blood running faster in the middle of a work day.

3. Leg swing

Leg swing

Hold the edge of the table with your right hand and swing back with your right foot.

The leg should be extended in line with the toe.

After doing 10 swings with your right foot, rest on the table with your left hand and do 10 swings with your left foot.

4. Knee warm-up

Knee warm-up

Stand up to the table and hold on to it with your left hand.

Raise your right leg, bend it at the knee and rotate, stretching the knee joint: 10 times in one direction and 10 times in the other.

Then change your leg.

5. Body rotation

Body rotation

The final exercise allows you to stretch the spine ─ the basis of the foundations of good health.

Place your feet shoulder-width apart, hands on your waist.

Start rotating the body, as if slowly “rising” in a spiral from the lower back to the chest.

This exercise increases blood flow and tones the entire body.

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