Is it okay to drink soda once in a while?

Is it okay to drink soda once in a while?

Is it OK to drink soda occasionally?

It is okay to drink sweet sparkling water as long as you strike a balance between healthy foods and the pleasures of life.

You should try to drink sweet sparkling water not only more than once a week.

In general, it is better to eliminate sweet sparkling water from your diet.

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If you are very addicted to sugary sodas, here is the golden rule.

According to most recommendations, simple carbohydrates should be no more than 10 percent of your total caloric intake.

This means that the average man can consume up to nine spoonfuls of sugar per day, a woman up to six spoonfuls, and a child up to three spoonfuls.

how much soda can you drink a month

How much soda can you drink a month

In fact, you can drink one bottle of sweet water every day.

And after a month, you will not notice any deterioration in your health or any serious change in your body.

Except maybe an increase in weight.

But if you continue to do so for a year or two or even three years.

Then the consequences can be vertebral, bad for your body.

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If you are very fond of sweet water, then begin to regularly reduce the dose of its consumption.

You need to reduce your consumption of sweet water, at least once a week, and it is better to consume soda no more than once a month.

is it okay to drink soda while on period

Is it okay to drink soda while on period

Any carbonated drinks, including sugary drinks, should not be drunk during menstruation.

Because gases promote bloating of the abdomen, and this is not desirable during menstruation.

And though it may be difficult, you will have to deny yourself the whim of drinking your favorite carbonated beverage and enjoy regular water instead

Increasing your intake of regular water reduces water retention in the body and combats the symptoms of bloating.

Only we advise you not to drink mineral water with gas.

You should also avoid foods high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, dairy products and caffeine.

These can create blood sugar imbalances that cause or exacerbate symptoms.

 is it okay to drink soda while breastfeeding

Is it okay to drink soda while breastfeeding.

When breastfeeding, mothers are better to give up carbonated water temporarily, since carbon dioxide in the milk activates the fermentation process in the intestines of babies, who are already prone to intestinal colic.

Dyes and preservatives from sugary carbonated drinks quickly get into the milk and are also negative for the baby’s body.

Any type of carbonated drink to a greater or lesser degree provokes gas in the digestive tract.

Consumption of carbonated drinks worsens the quality of breast milk.

Every breastfeeding mother should consider the benefits and harms of the drinks and foods she consumes.

Carbonated water has no value for the body.

It is important to remember that everything that the mother eats is passed on to the baby.

Any carbonated drink causes the infant: – flatulence;

  1. pain in the tummy;
  2. worsens the condition of the baby with physiological colic;
  3. digestive disorders.

So, there is absolutely no benefit in soda.

I saturated various lemonades with dyes, preservatives, harmful substances, flavorings.

The digestive organs of an adult can cope with such harmful liquids.

But not the weak stomach and intestines of an infant.

It is not without reason that doctors prohibit the use of soda even during pregnancy.

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