All you need to know about the benefits of calcium for humans in 2022

All you need to know about the benefits of calcium for humans in 2024

Calcium is a mineral that must be present in adequate amounts in the human body.

It is found in some foods and in certain medications, and it may also be in a supplement format.

Calcium is needed for normal blood vessels, nerves, and muscles.

Bones grow until the age of 30, so children, adolescents, and adults need calcium.

Deficiency of this mineral causes osteoporosis.

Because of this, there is a greater chance of getting hip, hand, rib, and vertebral bone fractures.

Adding calcium to your diet during pregnancy will reduce your risk of developing Preeclampsia.

What are the symptoms of calcium deficiency?

What are the symptoms of calcium deficiency?

Deficiency can lead to pain, sprains, and even fractures.

Today, 40-60% of the population is calcium deficient,

The first symptoms of this element deficiency are:

  1. Fatigue
  2. General weakness;
  3. Sleepiness, even when they get enough sleep;
  4. Rapid fatigue;
  5. A lowering of the immune system;
  6. Tendency to bleed, e.g., from the nose or 7 bleeding gums;
  7. Bleeding gums
  8. Unreasonable bruising.

If no action is taken at this stage, then you can notice the fragility of the hair, the deterioration of the quality of the nails, the tooth enamel will become more fragile, and caries will appear.

Is vitamin D the same as calcium?

Is vitamin D the same as calcium?

Bones and teeth contain 99%

Reliable source of calcium in the body.

Many foods contain calcium.

Manufacturers may also fortify certain foods with calcium and vitamin D.

But it’s best to take calcium supplements with vitamin D.

Calcium and vitamin D play a critical role in bone health and have a number of other health benefits.

Calcium and vitamin D deficiencies are more common and can have negative health effects, including osteoporosis.

There are many dietary sources of calcium.

The main source of vitamin D is sunlight.

People can get extra calcium and vitamin D from dietary supplements.

Is it OK to take vitamin D and calcium together?

Is it OK to take vitamin D and calcium together?

Your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium, but you don’t have to take calcium and vitamin D separately.

The combination of calcium and vitamin D is used to treat or prevent calcium deficiency.

There are many brands and forms of calcium and vitamin D combinations.

Calcium Supplements

Calcium Supplements

Best Calcium Citrate with vitamin D Supplement from Life Extension

Calcium Citrate with vitamin D from Life Extension is a vitamin D-rich calcium supplement used to support optimal bone health.

Found in large quantities in the body, but mostly in the bones and teeth, calcium supports bone health and promotes healthy nervous system and muscle function.

Vitamin D is included in the supplement to stimulate calcium absorption to support healthy bone density and overall bone health.

Our formula contains super absorbable essential vitamins and minerals, vitamin D and calcium to support bone health.

Maintaining bone health with calcium supplements is not a new concept.

Although calcium is present in many food sources, taking it can be important for maintaining bone health.

Our super-absorbable capsules contain 200 mg of calcium and 100 IU of vitamin D3 per serving, taking the guesswork out of maintaining optimal calcium levels.

Calcium citrate with vitamin D benefits

  1. Supports bone health
  2. Supports the contraction and expansion of blood vessels
  3. Super absorbent capsule promotes optimal calcium intake
  4. Promotes Healthy Bone Density

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