Six foods that will help get rid of belly fat

6 foods that will help get rid of belly fat

Combine a healthy diet of these foods with exercise, and you’ll get results in no time.

If you hear that another “fitness treat” will help you get rid of belly fat in a specific part of your body, beware ─ it’s a marketing ploy.

First, it is proven that fat leaves the body evenly, and if you are losing creases on the waist, it is likely that extra pounds are also leaving on the hips.

Second, there is no “magic” product in nature, the exclusive consumption of which will make you lose weight.

Our body has a very complex physiology and anatomy, and it needs a complex, complete, varied diet.

And if we are talking about healthy weight loss, it is very important to take an individual approach with a diet that suits you.

Let there is no “magic pill”, which will instantly melt the fat on the flanks and form your dream abs, this does not mean that ”all is difficult“.

There really is a way out – groups of foods whose inclusion in your diet will actually make the weight loss process more effective.

Salt and water
  1. Salt and water.

    This is the foundation and our everything.

    It is always necessary to remember about the water-salt balance – without it, the body will not have proper lymph circulation, the necessary tone and good metabolism, which is simply necessary for healthy weight loss.

    Forget about the generally accepted norm – each person has his or her own.

    The minimum is 30 ml (1 ounce) per 1 kg (2.2 pounds) of current weight.

    As for salt, ¼ teaspoon is the required daily allowance.

    Choose pink, Himalayan, sea or oceanic, and by no means eliminate salt from your diet.
  2. Cinnamon.

    As well as other spices – like cloves, ginger, turmeric, even dried herbs.

    They are antioxidants and rid the body of harmful free radicals.

    They flush out toxins and impurities, oxygenate cells, A, B and E vitamins and minerals.

    And antioxidants also help get rid of depression, which is easy to fall into because of food restrictions.
  3. Greens.

    Any “herb” is a unique product, which, albeit in small amounts, contains everything the body needs, including protein.

    In the process of losing weight, greens are important for balancing the diet, and they also alkalize the body and help the digestive system work better.

    By including greens in our diet, we get a whole complex of vitamins and enrich our cells with chlorophyll.
  1. Buckwheat.

    Traditional buckwheat can “sink fat” in the flanks!

    In fact, of course, it’s not the only one, but also other complex carbohydrates and fiber that I advise eating for lunch – whole-grain pasta, rye bread, as well as fruits and vegetables.

    All of these foods speed up your metabolism, which directly affects how successfully you will lose weight.

    Eating only “protein+vegetables” will not produce results.
  2. Olive oil.

    Or coconut oil, or linseed oil – whichever you prefer.

    The main thing is that the body needs the vegetable fats that are found in these oils.

    They participate in the secretion of hormones and promote rapid satiety, and also improve intestinal function.
  1. Nut.

    Or any other source of “pure” protein – it can be either plant or animal.

    Protein is extremely important for our body, especially during weight loss.

    It induces satiety and eliminates hunger for a long time.

    Protein is the main building material for new cells, and it also nourishes muscles.

    Which helps burn calories.

    If you’re not a big fan of chickpeas, fish, seafood, eggs, farm chicken or beans can easily replace them.

    Give up red meat for a while – it’s not good for many people in the summer.

    (although it’s all individual).
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